To sign up for a business account you can follow these steps below!

1. Start the sign-up process by filling in your information as you would for a personal account.

2. After checking out our TOS and Privacy Policy, click the second button titled “Sign up as a business”

3. You then need to submit a valid, non-VoIP cell phone number, which does not have to be the same as your business contact number.

4. Once you verify the cell phone number, you can then input your company details.

Note: The organization address doesn’t need to match the province of incorporation.

Once you fill out all your company details, the last box to check is for businesses regulated by either FINTRAC or AMF.

5. The last and final page will let you upload your documents and have the business account verified. Shakepay will have your account verified within 1 business day.

For more information on getting your business account verified, and the documents required see here.

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