If you’re having some trouble signing in to your account and did not receive the two-factor authentication SMS text, we can help!

Make sure the phone number you signed up with is a valid Canadian mobile phone number. Our system unfortunately can only send you a code to a valid non-VoIP Canadian cell phone number.

If you have a new number, but cannot update the phone number online with the steps here, we can update the number for you.

To reset your 2-Factor Authentication, you can log in here* by entering your username/email and password, and then upload a selfie following the instructions below:

  • Photo of yourself
  • Holding a photo ID
  • With a paper that has today’s date and “Shakepay” written on it 

The picture should resemble the image below with both items in hand at the same time.

*If you cannot upload the selfie on the page given above for some reason, please send it to our encrypted email below:

Still having questions? Reach out to our friendly Support Team for help: 

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