Adding CAD to your account while online just takes a few quick steps. 

  1. Click on the “Add funds” tab on the navigation bar to your left.

2. Select either “Interact e-Transfer” or “Bank wire transfer”. After selecting your funding method, the rest of the instructions will pop up.

For Interac e-transfers, you’ll be able to see all the important information to send an e-transfer to fund your Shakepay account:

It displays some important information to note:

  • The email address where you send the e-Transfer
  • Security question: which will be your username
  • Security answer: a special code to use

For wire transfers, all the bank information you will require to fund your account through a wire transfer will appear.

Note: We recommend wire transfers for larger amounts as we have a minimum of $1,000 to fund with a wire . 

If you’d like to get wire transfer access set up, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team.

Still need help? Reach out to our Shakepay Support at

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