Looking to cash out your CAD from your Shakepay account through a quick e-transfer on the mobile app, follow the steps below: 

1. When you are on the main screen, tap the “Send” button in the navigation bar. 

2. Once on the Send page, click on the Interac e-transfer logo.

3. Input the amount you want to receive via Interac e-transfer. You can also add a note if you want to.

Please note the maximum is $5,000 per Interac e-transfer. 

4. Within one hour, you will find an e-transfer email from us that looks like this:

5. Simply accept the e-transfer. 

Please note: You can always find the security answer by going in the app, then clicking on the “Add funds” button, and then on the Interac e-transfer logo. 

If you’re looking to cash out a larger amount, consider using wire transfers. Reach out to our support team for more information on wire transfers help@shakepay.co

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