We’re always here to make the world of crypto currencies as simple as possible. Here’s a quick breakdown of the app, to help understand what shows up as the value of your crypto on the main page.


Our users know we charge a fee of 0.75% on top of the best buy and sell rates we can provide. In the spirit of keeping it simple and to ensure there are no surprises after exchanging your funds, the rate and amount displayed on the exchange page include the fee. 


Just like exchanging any currency, for your crypto we provide a buy and sell rate which you’ll notice are different.

The difference between a buy and sell rate is referred to as a spread. With a spread between the two rates, what does that mean for the amount that appears on the main screen?

Main Screen

The Canadian dollar equivalent you see on the main screen is calculated using the average of the buy and sell rate, which is also referred to as the mid-market rate. The mid market rate is used to give our users a better idea of the current value of their crypto.

As the main screen will show a mid market rate, it’s normal that the value displayed on the main screen differs from the buy or sell rates.

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